Learn free cool easy magic cardtricks online with the "Paris Hotel" deck I bought in Las Vegas ...

Find the selected card in the deck - Trick

This card is one of the best I know, since the victim thinks he/she controls everything and there is NO way you are able to guess the choosen card.

- You may first want to show the cards (as shown in the photo) to your victim.
- The victim is then allowed to shuffle the deck so you won't know the order anymore.
- You hold the deck and say: "Please select a card and pick it."
- Victim picks a card and looks at it. You are not able to see which card it is.
- You take the card back and put it in the deck somewhere in the middle. You look at the back of the card while doing this and you are (really!) not able to see which one it is.
- Then you say: "Please shuffle the deck again" and you give the deck to the victim.
- The victim shuffles the cards and afterwards gives the deck back to you.
- You start looking at the cards one after each other. After quickly searching you find the card the victim has choosen!

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